Merlin- Poop Station

So anyone who has every been owned by a cat knows that the worst part of being owned is having to clean the litter box. It’s never fun and always smell. All of those litters that say no smell. They lie. They do mask it, at least until it comes time to clean.

However, when I see this sweet face. I do it. I’ll be the first to admit it. He has me wrapped around his little paw.

I’ve had Merlin since he was 8 weeks old and I’ve tried pretty much all the different types of litter boxes out there because Merlin is a digger. That means, he likes to dig in the litter box as if it was a sandbox. Because he does this, it causes him to kick the litter up and about. I’ve tried boxes, I’ve tried self-cleaning, I’ve tried litter in furniture. I’ve tried pretty much all of it. So I’ve thought about mentioning some of what I have tried and letting you know my opinion on them.

The Traditional

The standard litter box and litter. Not bad. I liked it and used it for a good couple of years. I’ve placed inside cat litter furniture as seen below. Yes, I did spend that much money on it. It didn’t work because Merlin started to kick the freshly peed clumps outside of the box and it just went down hill from there. He, as a digger, would also kick the litter out of the box and trail it all over the apartment. Every single time. I would sweep, and he would do it again seconds later. It was infuriating and an obviously loosing battle that took me a few years to realize.

The Self-Cleaning

I liked this one. The I had spend hours looking into the different types of self-cleaning litter before I decided on this one. The PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Covered, Automatic with Disposable Tray. Litter duty was amazing. It was once every 3-weeks, and it was super easy. The down fall was that if you waited longer than 3-weeks, the smell started to get really bad. The device itself was easily to use and even easier to set up. The price was a bit high, but for convience sake, I was willing to risk it.

Now the problems I found with it, was that Merlin the mole would dig and kick out a lot of the crystals. Some were pee stained crystal so EWW. Then there was the dust. There was a lot of dust. The final piece was the price. The monthly changing of the litter tray was about $15-18 a month. I’d save a bit by buying a 3 month supply. However, rarely did it ever last 3 months. I would end up spending $45 dollars every 2 months for litter alone. It finally got to the point where that was just to much and I needed to search for an alternate way of dealing with Merlin’s bathroom habits.

The Igloo

The Igloo is what I’ve moved to next. The self-cleaning required little work, however my little mole was still leaving litter crystals all over the apartment. The cleaner rake also started to make a loud grinding sound everything it moved. I got used to it, but occasionally it would surprise me. So I decided to try an alternative method. I stumbled upon the Igloo( AKA Pidan) by accident. I was looking into other types of boxes when I saw it.

What caught me attention was the promise of no more loose litter. Now forgive me for not believing it. However, after a couple of weeks of using it. I’m a believer. It has a nice grate step that gets most of the litter crystals that stick’s to Merlin’s paw. What isn’t caught there is then caught on the mat. With it’s dome shape, Merlin can dig to his heart’s content and I don’t have to worry about litter flying everywhere. Now it’s not perfect. I very much doubt anything can or will be, but there has been a significant amount less of loose litter crystals.

It’s sleek design is actually a little smaller than the self-cleaning and it looks nice and neat. I like it. Merlin seems to take to it. I’m sure he’s trilled at the fact that I no longer shout at him for digging in his litter box.

These are the three ways I’ve tried to handle the litter box. If you’ve tried one and would like to leave your thoughts, please do. Or, if you’ve used something else please let me know in the comment section below!



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