I’m an avid reader. I’ve had, for the past three years made a resolution to attempt to read a book every week for a year. For three years I have failed. The main issue I originally was that frankly I could never keep track of which books I read when.

Reading is something that I am passionate about. I have a saying to anyone who hates reading. “You just haven’t found the right book yet.”

Everyone has that one book, that one book that allowed them to dive head first into a million and one adventures. Some were forgettable, most are not. My family are not avid book reader. I was always that kid that would rather stay inside and read rather than play.


Because like any avid reader, I rather have the adventure in my head. I’ll admit it. When I find a good book, I’ll binge it. The first one, was the Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince. I read it in 16 hours straight. With potty breaks of course. My parents thought I was insane to read that much. Even went as far as to say it wasn’t healthy. They’ve never understood my love for the Potter books.

It’s been years since it’s release, but I still binge the occasional book. I’ll admit, I’m not entirely sure how I ended up on Goodreads. I might have seen some friends use it or it might have been a Pinterest post. Regardless, it is by far one of my favourite Apps/Websites. For those of you who have never heard of this site, it is a giant forum all about books.

People have the ability to rate books out of 5 stars and even give them reviews. One cool feature, when linked to your Facebook account, will list all the books your friends are reading as well. When you finish a book, you can record it and then give a review. Say what was good, what was bad and what was just in the middle.

I’ve read great books and I’ve read some stinkers, however I do recognize that most authors work hard on their novels. I might not like the ultimate ending, and that fine. I’ve had series where I loved how it was going and then they did one thing and it left a bad taste in my mouth and frankly destroyed the series for me. For others, it might keep them and that’s fine. I’m not the be all end all critic. I’m not talking Harry Potter, of course. Still one of the greatest series. However, Goodreads does give me the opportunity to set others know how I felt about the book. If you like the series and are devastated that it’s over, or are waiting for the next book to be published, they’ll even give some suggestions on books you might be interested in reading. Some you might pick, some you won’t. However, it might give some ideas of where to head off to your next new adventure.

However, the fact remain, and this is something I really love about Goodreads, is that every year, (and in March, it’s not too late), you can submit a reading goal. I know one of the most used New Year resolutions, behind losing weight, is to find time to read more. This give you a mini goal and keeps honest about the books. It also gives you a percentage towards your goal. It’s a little nice to see the percentage grow every time you add another book.

It also allows you to change. If you’re like me, your first year you might get a bit ambitious. I know I was. My goal was a 100 books. I failed. Epically. I know surprising. So I tried to lower the following year to 70. I had friends who did it.

I have no freaking idea how. I failed again. Epically. I barely broke 20 books. For some of you, who are reading this, you might be impressed. I wasn’t. So last year I made it 52. The idea. One a week. I also failed. Now this time it wasn’t so bad. I discovered

I loved it. Yes, paperback books are still my favourite but this was not a bad alternative. In fact, I’ll be writing a post on Audible soon. However, I found that an audiobook, when read right, was perfect for my lifestyle. I could listen to it in the car, when I cleaning or even going for a run. (Yes, I made the weight-loss resolution as well. I’m down 10 lbs since December and I still have about 40+ to go.)

You can count them into you reading lists. I don’t agree that there is a difference if you read verse listen. I know people who like one more then other and I know people, who like me, are fine either. The major issue I had, was that I had no time to read. While I might want to read, there were a dozen other things I needed to do. This helped. It also worked great whenever I had a long drive to do. You SHOULDN’T read while driving, so this was a happy medium.

So, while my goal had been 52 books, I only read 30. While my account say 29. I finished a book and forgot to log it in before New Years, so I made this year 53, since I added it afterwards. I’m hoping this year goes well. I will say, my book a week worked well for about a month, now it’s slowed down. Life got busy. I’m hoping that with Spring break just around the corner, I’ll be able to make up for lost books. Then summer will be my next big binge. Gotta make use of the holidays.

If you have used Goodreads, let me know how you like in the comment section below. If you’ve never used this before and are interested to try, let me know what you think. If you’ve listed a reading challenge, let me know what’s your goal. I’d like to hear.


So, I'm Rose. This is my first time writing a blog and I am trying to learn everything as I go. I love travelling, and due to financial reason, I have not traveled as much as I had thought I would upon turning into an adult. I also need a push to get me committed to my plans. I plan, and I plan, but never do. I'm hoping that with this blog, I might be able to change that. If any of you have any advice or would like to take a look at my site, please feel free.