I love books. I love reading. I always have. My parents would despair since I’d rather sit inside reading then go out and play with others. Why? Simply because I liked books better than people.

Each story transport people to a new realm as they go through the ups and the downs that all the characters face as they attempt to make it to the end. Honestly, I think, if my parents had not put a limit on my book buying as a child I might have brought them to bankruptcy with the sheer amount of books I read.

That was honestly an area I struggled with as an adult. I would rather go to a bookstore and buy a book then to go to a club or bar. However, as I got more and more busy being a teacher things had to go. One of the first things I discovered when I started notice my a limited amount of free time was that there just wasn’t any for reading. I hated it. I had all these stories I wanted to enter. To learn. To figure out. However, I couldn’t. There just wasn’t enough time in the day.

I’ve spoken about this before with my Goodreads post. 24 hours in a day is just not enough to get everything I want to get done done. So, on a whim I decided to try audiobooks. I figure what could it hurt. Yes, my first love will be paper books. I’ve tried the e-books and while I like them, and they make vacationing all that more easier, I still struggled with finding time to sit down and read the book. So, using Amazon’s I decided to give it a try.

Now, I still love the paper versions, however for this point in my life, audibles have been my saving grace. It gives me the opportunity to “read” when I might not be able to normally. Long drive? Read a book. Cleaning the apartment? Read a book. Working out? You got it. Read a book. All this empty time I could now fill with the written word and I loved it!

I’ve been using since 2016. The first book I got was The Merchant Adventurer by Patrick McLean. I had read the e-book version of his other books. How to Succeed in Evil & it’s sequel Hostile Takeover and had enjoyed both of them. Yes, I was the weird person who was sitting at a restaurant with her kindle laughing out loud. Why? Because these books were hilarious. When I saw he had another book, why not give it a try. It has since become one of the few books I make an effort to re-read at least once a year. Yes, it’s that good.

I have since managed to read a number of different books, both fun and classical that I might not have had the opportunity to do for a while. For instance, I’ve just finished Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I’ve read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and have discovered book series I’ve loved that don’t necessarily have a paper equivalent in this day and age such as the Drew Hayes’ Fred: Vampire Accountant Series. Yes, I did wrote Vampire Accountant. I’ve devoured all of his books and am eagerly waiting for the next one. Apparently, he writing it as we speak so, cross your fingers, it’ll be soon. is a subscription. It’s about $16.95/month. You get 1 free credit every month you subscribe. This usually equates to about 1 “free” book a month. Now if you’re savvy, you’ll save some of your credits for when they do their sales. Every other month or so, they do a 2 for 1 sale. Two books for 1 credit. I usually pick up quite a few books this way. Some are the classical, everyone has read this in high school but somehow I didn’t, book; some are books that seemed interesting or had a fun summary and I figure, why not?

Once you purchase your book, you can immediate download it onto your Audible APP. The book is there and waiting for you to listen.

One thing that always made me hesitant about audible books in the past was whether or not I’d like the reader. It’s alright if you don’t. Audible has a very good return policy on their books. You can easily exchange them if you find yourself regretting a purchase or disliking the reader. I’m a huge fan of Agatha Christie novels. However, I discovered, through using Audible, that I like listening to her stories but I’m picky over the readers. I have some that I like and I have that I don’t. That’s what makes this site amazing.

If you’ve tried Audible or if you have any questions regarding your experience using Audible, let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!


So, I'm Rose. This is my first time writing a blog and I am trying to learn everything as I go. I love travelling, and due to financial reason, I have not traveled as much as I had thought I would upon turning into an adult. I also need a push to get me committed to my plans. I plan, and I plan, but never do. I'm hoping that with this blog, I might be able to change that. If any of you have any advice or would like to take a look at my site, please feel free.